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Producer/Vo Artist/Director/Singer/Writer/VO Coach/Human

Monia Ayachi is a multilingual Belgian-Tunisian actress. From a young age, Monia had a passion for acting and singing. She started taking drama and singing lessons, which landed her a show on Belgian TV" Pour La Gloire". Her charisma, beauty and many talents caught the eye of a Belgian casting director and producer. They hired her to play the lead in a Belgian-French production. A few years later, Monia went on to the National Conservatory Of Music to study Opera and Drama, where she got her degree. She then moved to Los Angeles where she went to NYFA to get an extra degree in fine arts.

Among her many credits, she recently got to act opposite Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winner Colin Farrell in Apple TV's Sugar, she has also landed recurring roles on ABC's General Hospital and NBC's Days Of Our Lives and the Pilot "Music Academy", directed by renowned Director Diana Valentine. She was the live French host for the Crunchyroll Awards 2024. She was cast as "Anais Fontaine" in "Wolfenstein Youngblood" and many more video games that cannot be named just yet. She also booked a role in "Pyongyang", directed by Oscar winning director Gore Verbinski and starring Steve Carell. Unfortunately, the film was postponed. Monia booked a lead role in the feature "Bad Luck Dandelion", directed by Gary King, whose films have won many awards.

Monia also writes and produces her own films. Her multicultural film Ignofear won first place at the Audience Awards at the California Women's Film Festival and was an official selection at the Canadian Diversity Film Festival in Toronto. Her latest film, For The Love Of Hate, won first place at the audience awards at the California Women's film festival in 2019 . Monia prides herself in creating content that has a strong message. She was also a host for NBC Universal's E!News International France for many years, and has been a producer for E!News International Dubai. She is also a French travel host for Brand USA.

Due to her mixed heritage, Monia is a true polyglot. She speaks six languages: French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese. She speaks some German and Italian as well. She also masters quite a few dialects and is a highly skilled piano player and classical singer. Because she speaks so many languages, Monia dubs a lot of films/TV series, and works a lot in the voice over world, both as an actor and as a director. If you are unsure where to find her, look for an upside down head of curls, as Monia spends her free time doing handstands all over the USA.

Monia Ayachi