Sag-Aftra Actor

Monia Ayachi

Exciting News! The film Monia wrote, produced and stars in "IGNOFEAR" won FIRST place at the Audience Awards at the California Women's Film Festival!

Welcome to Monia's page! 

Monia Ayachi is an LA based actress. She is mainly a Euro- Arab mix, and a whole lot of other nationalities.

The truth is, at times, Monia gets confused herself about her own heritage. 

Being a true polyglot, she speaks five languages: French, Dutch, English, Spanish, and Arabic.

French is her first language.

Monia has always had a gift for dialects, and masters a few of them. 

She is currently recurring on ABC's General Hospital and NBC's Days Of Our Lives, and actively working in film and TV. 

Happy to be in her 20's and refusing to grow up, you can also see Monia doing handstands at various locations around Los Angeles. Just look for an upside down head of curls.

She is available for NY local hire.